Pirate Ship in a Tin

Pirate Ship, Gift in a Tin
Pirate Ship, Gift in a TinWooden Pirates of the Caribbean ShipPirate Ship, Apples to PearsPirate Eye Patch, Wooden Ship Building Pieces
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Yo-ho-ho you scallywags! It’s all hands on deck making the pirate ship ready for exciting adventures in search of treasure. Build the wooden pirate ship, then paint it and add sails. Then it's time to go treasure hunting wearing the pirate eye-patch and using the secret treasure map. Hide your treasure in the pirate tin. Hours of fun!

Weight: 293 g Width: 101 mm Length: 143 mm Height: 55 mm

Additional Information

Wooden pirate ship kit, acrylic paints, paint brush, glue, eye-patch, treasure map, pirate
stickers and full instructions.
Age 8+


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