Watering Can Twine Dispenser - Cream

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At last - tanglefree twine!

A novel yet brilliant solution to every gardener's tangled twine nightmare!

Every gardener is familiar with the problem; a ball or roll of twine, no matter how well coiled will eventually become tangled. At a glance this looks like an ordinary small, indoor watering can but look closer and you'll notice string coming out of the spout. The secret is a spool of twine, held in place by a spindle and fed through the spout. And the result? - an easy to find-and-use "string dispenser" that won't get all knotted up. Comes complete with scissors.

Easily refillable

Weight: 376 g Width: 190 mm Length: 90 mm Height: 160 mm

Additional Information

Twine length is approx 90 metres / 100g


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