Fashion a Flower Fairy

Craft kit to create 10 flower fairies.
Craft kit to create 10 flower fairies. Gift in a Tin by Apples to Pears, flower fairy craft kit. Join Tinkerbell & friends and the Fairy Godmother with your very own flower fairies. Glittery pipe cleaners, flower petals, coloured string, magical fairy dust and fairy faces. Blue and purple tin containing components to create a set of 10 flower fairies. Magical flower fairy princesses for little girls and boys to make.
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Heard of Tinkerbell? Thought so. Time to fashion your own fairy. Using creative skills and a sprinkle of fairy dust, kids will enjoy crafting 10 flower fairy friends to take on enchanting adventures. Maybe one of your fairies will join Peter Pan one day.

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Fabric, pipe cleaners, wooden heads, fairy dust & instructions.
Age 8+


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