Pirate Ship in a Tin

Pirate Ship, Gift in a Tin
Pirate Ship, Gift in a TinWooden Pirates of the Caribbean ShipPirate Ship, Apples to PearsPirate Eye Patch, Wooden Ship Building Pieces
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Yo-ho-ho our Pirate Ship in a Tin is a barrel load of fun! It's all hands-on deck making the pirate ship ready for exciting adventures in search of treasure with this ace craft kit. Packed to the brim with everything needed to assemble and paint a fantastic wooden pirate ship, plus an eye-patch, treasure map and even pirate stickers - this booty is bound to be a hit with the young scallywags!

Weight: 293 g Width: 142 mm Length: 100 mm Height: 52 mm

Additional Information

Wooden pirate ship kit, acrylic paints and brush, glue, eye-patch, treasure map, pirate stickers and instructions.
Age 8+


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