Jam Jar Candle - Oak & Bergamot

floral scented candle, perfect for mother's day.
floral scented candle, perfect for mother's day.
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Cut flowers aren’t the only way to bring the fragrance of the garden into the home, thanks to these two Heritage candles. The scented soy wax blend is filled into country-style jars which hold all the perfume until you release the lid. There are two fragrances to choose from – ‘Oak and Bergamot’ is a unique combination of hedgerow and herb with an uplifting and enchanting perfume. As a contrast ‘Purely Peony’ is a floral fragrance that brings the fresh garden flowers garden into any room.  The soya wax candles are poured in the UK using high quality essential oils at 10% and burn for an impressive 60 hours. The wicks are cotton.

Also available in Purely Peony here.

Weight: 433 g Width: 70 mm Height: 95 mm

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